Japanese miracle: a suspension bridge capable of encircling the Earth 7 times

There is reliable information about the construction of such structures in Southeast Asia, Ancient Egypt, Central, and South America. Consequently, we can assume that such a construction has been known to humanity for more than 3 thousand years. True, during all this time, the hanging bridges remained rather primitive and allowed to overcome small water […]

Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel: an island-fortress

Despite the popularity of tourists (Saint-Michel is visited annually by up to 3 million people), the abbey itself and the ancient houses of the surrounding city still preserve the spirit of the Middle Ages. Today, Mont Saint Michel is known not so much as a religious, but as a cultural and historical object. On the […]

8 of the most interesting alleys and tunnels of flowers and trees

The trees, the longest living creatures on the planet, create one of the most delightful and unusual designs: tunnels of their interlaced crowns. It may look romantic, and maybe scary. Tunnel Wisteria, Japan Wisteria is the scientific name for wisteria, an amazing flower tree with a solid trunk and slender, graceful branches covered with multicolored […]