10 best routes for traveling by car

You can get acquainted with beautiful places, not limiting yourself in time and not becoming attached to a whole group of people you do not know, by renting a car anywhere in the world and taking an independent trip.

Land of the Loire, France

The Loire Valley with many attractions, delicacies, and fine wines is an ideal route for an informative car trip. The whole region is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, so we can say that you will take a ride through the huge open-air museum. In the Pas de la Loire (Lands of the Loire) there are more than sixty castles of different historical eras. Almost all of them are open to the public, so during the trip, you are guaranteed to do something.

The beginning of the route: Paris

Ending: Nantes (the capital of the region)

Freeway: A11

Distance from Paris to Nantes – less than 500 kilometers in a straight line, but keep in mind that you will travel around the region, so it is better to plan a trip of at least 2 days.

From Melbourne to Sydney, Australia

The way from Melbourne, the cultural capital of Australia, through Canberra, the real capital, in business Sydney will take approximately seven days (with stops and overnight), 1380 kilometers will have to be covered. It will be an unforgettable journey, during which you will be able to get acquainted with all the most interesting things in Australia. The path lies along the ocean along the Sapphire Coast. On the way, you will find endless sandy beaches, rainforests, treat yourself to the freshest seafood and are unlikely to deny yourself (the driver, hold on) in tasting famous Australian wines. Be ready to meet with koalas, kangaroos, and other wombats – because you will pass through their natural habitats.

Starting Route: Melbourne

Ending: Sydney

Freeway: start on the M1

From Galway to Westport, Ireland.

Starting in the bold, vibrant and very popular tourist coastal city of Galway, head north through Connemara valley with its wild rocky landscapes, emerald peat bogs, moorlands and blue lakes. You need to drive only 79 kilometers, so you can not hurry and stop in any place you like, for example, in a national park where megalithic burial places over 4 thousand years old are preserved. Linger in the tiny town of Clifden, the capital of this uncrowded region, to explore the ruins of the castle, admire the views of the Killari glacier fjord and end your way to Westport, famous for its ocean views, pubs and the Grace O’Malley pirates monument.

Start of the route: Galway

Ending: Westport

Freeway: N84

Blooming Valley of the Here River, Spain

Traveling to the valley of the Valle del Here is one of the most impressive options for driving a car. Especially if you decide to go there in early spring when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, or in the middle of summer when the berries ripen. The Valley of the Herté – the name of the locality translates this way – is located in the north of the province of Casares, not far from Portugal, three hours drive from Madrid. There are fragrant there, and then more than two million trees bear fruit, streams flow from the mountains, a pure river carries its waters, festivals and hiking trips regularly take place for tourists, and you can stretch your stay there for several days.

Starting route: Valdastilas

Termination: Rebollo de Duero

Motorway: N -110

Romantic Road, Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle – one of the most famous places in Germany. Past him is a popular route for traveling by car called “Romantic Road”. This is a 366-kilometer trade road, laid back in the Middle Ages. It starts from the river Main, passes through Franconia and Swabia, Upper Bavaria and ends at the foot of the Alps. Along the way, you will meet medieval cities, castles, wineries, monasteries: imagine that you are going among the scenery for the tales of the Brothers Grimm.

Starting route: Munich

Termination: Frankfurt

Motorway: 471

California’s 17-mile road, USA

A popular car route along the west coast of the United States includes a 17-mile walking (approximately 27 km)road along the Monterey Peninsula; to drive through it, you need to pay 10 dollars. The pleasure gained from this walk is worth dozens: magnificent ocean views, golf courses where the rich and famous clubs wave, the Lone Cypress – a salted cliffy wind, freely walking deer, designer hotels. In the south, the road starts from the city of Carmel and runs along the coast to the town of Pacific Grove. Then you can either return to Carmel Forest or move further to the north, where it is also interesting.

Starting Route: Carmel

Ending: Pacific Grove

Freeway: Ocean Avenue

The road around Cape Cod Island, USA

If you are more interested in the East Coast and the history of the development of America, then you can go on a trip to the famous Cape Cod Peninsula in Massachusetts. Three to four hours drive from New York and you can start exploring the beauties: the peninsula itself (or the island – in 1914, a canal was dug separating Cape Cod from the mainland), crashing into the Atlantic Ocean as a fish hook, its towns such as the Sandwich , Yarmouth, Dennis, about two hundred years old architecture, beaches where the high society of America of the last century bought villas, and sand dunes on the Outer Cape.

Starting Route: New York or Boston

Termination: Provincetown

Freeway: Mid Cape Highway

Gorny Altai, Russia

Chucky Trakt is a beautiful road winding through the mountains from Brisk to the border with Mongolia, as much as 630 kilometers. Starting in the foothills, the path passes through the old city of Maima, past the famous Lake Manzherok (it is a little far from the road), passes through the most crowded tourist area and leads you to the highest peaks of Altai, to silent and majestic places. During the trip, you can raft down the Katun, climb Belukha, spend the night in different recreation centers and take a steam bath in each one.

Starting route: Biysk

Ending: Kosh-Agach

Freeway: R – 256

Golden Ring, Russia

For those who are just learning to drive, it is well suited to travel through eight ancient Russian cities. Leave from Moscow to Sergiev Posad, drive through, stopping for the night all eight cities and return through Vladimir. If you take a look at the sights of each and stop for the night, then a week will pass from leaving Moscow to returning to it. Wooden and stone ancient Russian architecture, monasteries, cathedrals, museums, as well as a good road to picturesque places – a great vacation at no extra cost.

The beginning of the route: Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Ivanovo, Suzdal, Vladimir, Sergiev Posad, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Rostov, Yaroslavl

Termination: depends on the beginning

Journey duration: a traditional route for 8 “golden” cities for 7–14 days

Southern Coast of Crimea, Russia

Start your journey on this fantastically beautiful peninsula from the Kerch Strait or from Simferopol and move along the coast, stopping in each city, because there are simply no uninteresting places. Ancient fortresses, palaces, botanical gardens, and most importantly – the mountains and the sea: to fall in love with the Crimea, you need to rent a car and visit all its corners.

The beginning of the route: Simferopol

Ending: Kerch (or vice versa)

Highway: E – 105

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