10 of the worst rail routes in the world

1. Chennai Rameswaram Route in India

The train from Chennai to the island of Rameswaram, the last few kilometers of the way passes through the Pamban Bridge over the Indian Ocean. The views from the windows to the ocean are beautiful, but only brave travelers will be able to appreciate them – this is the oldest bridge over the ocean in India, built-in 1914. Over the past hundred years, it is almost not repaired.

2. Aso Minami Route in Japan

This mountain road in the south of Japan has more than once been recognized as the most dangerous in the world. The old train of three trailers first goes over an abyss, and then along the southern slope of Mount Aso, Japan’s largest active volcano, where an eruption can begin at any time. The windows in the train are not glazed to make it more convenient for tourists to be photographed against the background of a smoking volcano.

3. Tren a las Nubes in Argentina

The train, whose name translates as “Train to the Clouds” connects Argentina with Chile and the Pacific coast, crossing the Andes and rising to an altitude of 4,000 meters above sea level. This route is loved by tourists from all over the world: the train crosses 21 tunnels, 29 bridges, 13 viaducts. But only people with a good vestibular apparatus will be able to enjoy the journey: the track climbs twice in a spiral, and in two places there are zigzags to overcome the strong drop in height, along which the train climbs parallel to the slope of the mountain.

4. White Pass & Yukon Route in Alaska, USA

The railroad from Alaska to Canada, built during the Gold Rush, was closed in 1982, after the collapse of the mining industry. But in 1988 it was reopened and launched a special tourist train, made in the style of the 19th century. Beautiful views of mountains, glaciers, and waterfalls, the road along the serpentine in a shaking and rumbling trailer are remembered for a long time.

5. Georgetown Loop Railroad in Colorado, USA

The narrow-gauge road in the mountains of Colorado was built in 1877 to provide access to the silver mines. Since 1984, summer tourist trains have taken this route. The route lasts 7 kilometers, the trail goes uphill on an incline, brakes and shakes on a flimsy bridge over an abyss and turns at a great speed.

6. Lynton & Lynmouth Cliff in the UK

The line, built-in 1890, connects two towns on a rock in the south of the country. A tiny train rushes from a 155-meter-high cliff at an incline of 58% in Exmoor National Park, with a magnificent view of the North Devon coast.

7. Argo Gede Train Railroad in Indonesia

The train travels from Indonesia’s capital Jakarta to Bandung along mountain serpentine, and then over Sikurutag bridge over river valleys and scenic fields. Kinds of stunning beauty, but the paths were repaired in the last century and in 2002 the train went off the rails on this section.

8. Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad in New Mexico

Built-in 1880, the road links New Mexico and Colorado and passes through the Rocky Mountains. The route starts in the gorge, passes through the pass with a height of 3 thousand meters, ten ramps, tunnels, and cliffs and will suit only the hardiest travelers who are not afraid of heights because this is the tallest US railway.

9. Kuranda Scenic Railroad in Australia

The road that passes through a thicket of tropical forest and along a mountain gorge was built in 1891 and is considered one of the most scenic railways in the world. At one of the sections, the train passes so close to the waterfall that drops fall on the window glass. In an hour and a half, the train passes through 15 tunnels and 40 creaky bridges on stilts above the gorges.

10. Narizdel Diabolo in Ecuador

Driving length of 12 kilometers in the Andes of Ecuador was built in 1902 and is a piece of engineering art: it surrounds almost a sheer mountain. All 12 kilometers of the train abruptly descends and rises under a slope over the precipice.

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