How to celebrate Halloween in the city witch Salem

The holiday is based on the legend of how the border between the worlds is erased and All Souls of the Dead return to their homes on the eve of All Saints Day and collects donations in the form of food and sweets. Article by wildatheartrescue.org blog. Together with them, every kind of evil spirits comes to earth, which can be frightened off by the light of pumpkins-lamps, and in order for angry spirits not to foul, people need to put on evil costumes and remain unnoticed.

Halloween is celebrated in many countries, but it was in America that it became the most beloved holiday after Christmas and turned into a fun carnival that the whole country celebrates. And the capital of Halloween in Salem, one of the oldest cities in New England, wherein 1692 the harsh Puritans declared a “witch hunt” that ended with the burning of 15 women. Thanks to Hollywood, the city became popular with tourists in the 1990s, and now it is the city of witches and the capital of Halloween.

The fun in Salem lasts all October: the Haunted Happenings festival begins on the 1st and ends on the 31st of October, All Saints Day. Those who like to tickle their nerves can visit the Festival of the Undead, a museum of witches and haunted houses, visit a fortune-teller or a seance in a museum of witchcraft. Closer to the holiday begin night tours of the city’s witchcraft sites, the house of the judge who started the process against witches and master-classes on potions, masquerades, concerts, and costumed processions. Locals decorate houses and get outfits from chests in advance, but you want to tell about architecture separately because in the city there are a lot of perfectly preserved 17th-century houses, which lead tours for adults and children.

More than 250,000 tourists come to the city for holidays, the main street, Essex Street, is in full swing day and night: you can see everything on the shelves – from carnival costumes to silver bells to a hat, here you can also go on excursions dedicated to catching ghosts and calling to the rooms of fear. Halloween is a family holiday, dozens of excursions and games are organized for children, and everything from young to old, including dogs, will be in a parade in costumes.

It’s easy to join in this festive fun: Salem is located 20 kilometers from Boston, from where, on the occasion of the holidays, trains run twice as often. The town is small, there are 10 times more tourists than residents, so places in hotel send in a month and the 31st roads will stand up, so it is better to come in a day. To sign up for tours and excursions for the same reason you need to advance. Answers to all questions about the Salem Festival, the celebration of Halloween and the schedule of all events can be found on the official festival website.

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